GDPR Compliance
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Hunter complies with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), and helps its users comply as well. Here are a few common questions you might have about GDPR compliance.

Is Hunter acting as a data controller or a data processor?

The answer is both.

The “data controller” is the entity that determines the purposes and means of the data processing taking place. The “data processor” is an entity acting on behalf of a controller in processing personal data.

Hunter acts as a controller to deliver its services, analyze usage, fight fraud, and comply with applicable regulations.

Hunter acts as a processor for the data you import to your account. It includes information about your account, leads, campaigns, bulk tasks, and more. As a Hunter user, you are the controller of this data. It means you must set the purpose and legal basis for the processing.

Where can I find a Data Processing Agreement (DPA)?

When creating an account with Hunter, you agree to the Terms of Use that include a Data Processing Agreement. This agreement is essential for your GDPR compliance, as the controller of your account’s data. The DPA gives you contractual guarantees on how we process your data and the safeguards we have in place to keep it safe.

If you need a signed version of the DPA, please email us at so we can assist.

Who are Hunter’s sub-processors?

Please see our sub-processors page for an up-to-date list of the entities that help us provide our service and may process your data on our behalf. All our vendors go through a security and compliance review beforehand. We sign DPAs with them when they process personal data on our behalf.

In what countries is my data processed?

Hunter's main servers are managed by Google Cloud Platform and located in Belgium. Most sub-processors are located in the EU or the USA. When a sub-processor is outside the EU/EEA, we sign Standard Contractual Clauses with the entity.

What are Hunter’s legal bases for processing data?

When Hunter acts as a data controller, it relies on several legal bases for processing in compliance with the GDPR. You can find all these legal bases in our Privacy Policy (“What are the legal bases for processing data?”).

How is Hunter keeping my data safe?

Hunter is striving to keep all the users’ data safe. You can learn more about the measures in place in our Security Policy.

How can I learn more about how Hunter complies with GDPR?

The following pages will help you better understand how Hunter processes data and how we comply with our legal obligations:

May you have any questions about privacy, feel free to contact us at

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