Password policy

The rules for passwords to ensure Hunter accounts are safe

Updated over a week ago

When providing a password to use with your Hunter account, we apply a set of rules to make sure the access to your account stays safe:

  • The password must be at least 8 characters long;

  • The password can't include your first name, last name, email or the word "hunter";

  • The password can't be used if another online service leaked it in the past.

Those rules, coupled with other protections on our end, ensure your account with us stays safe.

You can generate a strong password via this page here.

What we mean when we say another online service leaked your password

Some services suffered data breaches, and because of bad password-storing practices, the passwords used are now available to everyone. A service, Have I Been Pwned ( compiles those breaches and helps us know securely if a password was part of a leak in the past. If the password is known to malicious actors, it can't safely be used anymore and should be changed everywhere it's in use.

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