The Bulk Author Finder functionality lets you enter a list of blog post URLs in order to find the email addresses of their authors.

In this article, you will learn how to:

How to upload a list of online articles?

To get started with the Bulk Author Finder:

  • Go to the Bulks page

  • Choose the Author Finder

  • Click on + New Bulk

  • Give a name to your bulk.

After this, you will need to enter your list of article URLs. You have two options.

First, you can copy and paste the list of URLs in the text area. Make sure to have one URL per line.

Or, you can upload a CSV or TXT file from your computer that contains all your URLs, one per line. After you upload the file, select the column that contains the URLs.

Advanced options

If you want the public sources where the email addresses have been found on the web, check the option Include the sources in the results. They will be added as additional columns at the end of each row.

By default, Hunter will skip over any line that already contains an email address. If you want to disable this functionality, uncheck the option Skip rows already containing an email address.

Click on Upload to start the bulk process.

How to download your results?

Once the Bulk Author Finder has finished processing, you will see how many authors were found on the results page.

The first pie chart shows the proportion of article URLs for which an author was found. The second pie chart details the verification statuses of the found emails.

There can be 3 statuses:

  • Valid: these emails have been verified as valid and can safely be used.

  • Accept all: the domains of these emails accept any email address. Due to this, we cannot be sure if an inbox has been set up for the specific email address, and the email could bounce.

  • Unknown: Hunter could not determine the verification status of the email, due to a block from the server or a technical problem with the server.

To get the list of authors, click on the Download button. You will have 3 download options:

  1. Download the authors with valid emails only.

  2. Download all the authors found.

  3. Download the full list, including the rows that did not return an author.

For each option, the number of search requests needed to download will be specified.

The downloaded file will contain all your original columns and some additional results columns about the author:

  • First name

  • Last name

  • Email

  • Score: The confidence score assigned to the email, based on publicly available data such as sources for the email and the verification status.

  • Position

  • Twitter handle

  • LinkedIn URL

  • Phone number: the phone number can be a cell phone or an office phone

  • Company

  • Verification status: the status of the email can be one of 3 statuses: valid, accept all, or unknown. Valid emails can be safely used, whereas accept all and unknown emails could not be verified for sure and could still bounce. The confidence score can be used to filter the best emails.

  • Source: If you've selected to include sources in your results, you will have 30 additional columns with all the public sources where the emails were found.

How to import the authors as leads?

Instead of downloading the results, it is also possible to import the authors in a list of leads of your Hunter account.

To do so, click on the Import button in the results page of your Bulk Author Finder.

Follow the instructions on screen to either add the authors in an exisiting list of leads, or create a new list.

How to browse your uploaded tasks?

We have the following actions you can perform:

  • Sort: you can sort through your uploaded tasks by Bulk title, Status, and Created.

  • Search: the ability to search by a specific bulk task

  • Rename: renaming your bulk task

  • Delete: you can now access a dropdown for each uploaded task. Through the dropdown, you can delete the task if it hasn’t been downloaded (this is possible with the Pending, Ready, or No Result statuses).

  • Archive: you can archive it if it's been previously downloaded, and unarchive it.

  • All Archived files can be accessed from the tabbed navigation Archived.

  • View history: Anytime you download, archive, restore or rename a bulk task, they will be recorded in the history log:

To sum things up

The Bulk Author Finder can be used to quickly find the author's email address from a list of online articles or blog posts.

  • You can import a CSV or TXT file, or copy and paste of list of URLs

  • The results fill be appended to your original file

  • You can also import the authors as leads

Limit: Each Bulk Author Finder is limited to 10,000 articles, and the file should not be over 10 Mb to avoid timeouts.

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