I know my email was read, but MailTracker says it is not. Why?

Some common reasons why your emails are not tracked with MailTracker

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When using MailTracker to track emails sent from Gmail, there are a few common reasons why an email can fail to track an opening:

  • Some email clients might block the images in emails from being downloaded or displayed. Since the tracking works by adding an invisible image to the emails, it disables the tracking. Most email clients allow users to define this behavior in their settings, but it’s usually not set by default.

  • Additional browser extensions or software products can also block the loading of the tracking pixels.

  • It’s not possible to test MailTracker if you’re sending emails to yourself. This is because there are several checks in place to try to prevent your own openings from being tracked when you send emails. This includes checking the IP address and the device. We suggest trying MailTracker with other emails you send out.

  • Tracking pixels (the technology used to track emails from MailTracker and other tracking extensions) can be only enabled when sending emails in real-time. Using a scheduling feature in Gmail won't track the emails.

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