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What is Hunter Signals

Hunter Signals allows you to receive updates for specific companies based on your chosen Signal and filter criteria. You can create three different types of Signals:

  • Fundings and acquisitions: to identify fast-growing companies.

  • Job openings: to get updates about job openings at certain companies.

  • Company: to follow companies and get updates on any changes.

Fundings and acquisitions Signal

In the Fundings and Acquisitions category, you can create two types of Signals:

  • Companies that raised money: To identify companies that have recently raised money and received funding.

  • Companies that got acquired (coming soon): to identify companies that are about to challenge their providers.

Once you have decided on the type of Signal you wish to create, it is time to set some filters and define your Ideal Customer Profile (ICP). Targeting the right companies will make your outreach more accurate and improve the success of your campaigns.

You can set multiple filters here to narrow your research, such as:

  • Headquarters location

  • Company size

  • Industry

  • Funding round series and amount raised

Once you have configured your filters, name the Signal and choose the data to return based on the publication date. Now, simply click on the button Create Signal at the top right to start receiving funding updates.

Job Openings Signal

This category allows you to create two types of Signals:

  • Companies with job openings: To find jobs and identify companies requiring staffing in specific areas.

  • Companies on a hiring streak (coming soon): to identify growing companies.

Once you have decided on the type of Signal, you can configure multiple filters to find the job positions you're looking for.

The filters can be divided into two main sections:

  1. Define your Ideal Customer Profile:

    • Headquarter location

    • Company size

    • Industry

  2. Job Information

    • Title keywords

    • Description keywords

    • Job location

    • Seniority

    • Type of contract

    • Department

Once you have set your filters, name the Signal and choose which data to return based on the publication date. Now, simply click on the button Create Signal at the top right to start receiving new job posting updates directly to your mailbox.

Company Signal

If you're interested in following specific companies and being alerted to any updates concerning a company, you can do so by creating a Company Signal.

Simply search for the domain or company name and choose the type of updates you would like to receive:

  • Jobs - when a new position was opened.

  • Fundings - any recent fundings concerning the company.

  • People - a new email address was found.

  • Technologies - a new technology was found.

Once the Signal has been created, you see all of the relevant updates on the Signals page.

👉 If we have found a new email address, you can decide to reveal it by paying 1 search credit, clicking on Reveal email address, and saving it to your leads.

Before revealing the email, we'll also let you know what type of email this is—generic or personal—and share the relevant sources where we have found this email address publicly available on the web.

💡Once an email is revealed, it will remain visible to prevent using a new Search credit.

We also allow you to follow companies directly from all of our main tools, such as from the Domain Search when searching emails for specific domains:

As well as from our Discover page, which allows you to search companies based on your Ideal Customer Profile (ICP).

And finally, from our Email Finder when looking for specific contacts within a company and from our Email Verifier used to verify email addresses:

Update and manage existing Signals

💡We will continuously search for new jobs, company updates or fundings and update you via email every 48 hrs if we have at least found one new result.

You also have the option to edit, rename, pause, duplicate or delete the Signal anytime simply by clicking on the three dots beside your Signal on the Signals page.

💡 There's a limit of 50 Signals that can be created per user.

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