Hunter’s Campaigns feature makes it easy to create tailored email campaigns and monitor their performances in real-time. This not only saves you time, but makes creating targeted campaigns simple and easy to set up.

How to connect your Gmail account and create a selection of leads to contact.

Start by connecting Hunter to your Gmail account by using the tutorial too). Once you have connect the integration, your selected Gmail account will be ready to start sending emails from Hunter.

After that, go to the Leads section and choose the leads you want to send the campaign to. You can do this by either:

  • selecting the leads manually;
  • setting filters to create a targeted audience inside a list;
  • sending the campaign to an entire list of leads.

Sending an email campaign

When you create a new email campaign all the leads selected will receive the same message. After clicking the “+ New Campaign” button, make sure to complete all the necessary steps before sending the campaign:

  • Campaign Name
  • Audience: add filters to select the recipients of the campaign. Please note that you can send a campaign to a lead only once.
  • Subject: add a subject line for the email you need to send. As this will be the very first impressions you have on your email recipients, make sure to stand out and create an informative and eye-catching sentence.
  • Email: here you can add the text to your email or select a template you have previously created. You can even include custom attributes (FIRST NAME, COMPANY, etc.) that are automatically filled when sending the email based on the contact;s information.

After reviewing your campaign click the Send button to send the campaign or feel free to test it by sending yourself a test email.

Scheduling a campaign

Before sending a campaign it is possible to schedule when the emails will be sent. Your campaign will be distributed during the selected day/days and timeframe.

We recommend selecting two or more days in case you should need to send more than 400 emails/day.

Follow the campaign's performances

After sending a campaign you will see a dedicated report next to the list of leads. The campaign reports analyze the campaign status, clicks and opens.

  • Messages sent: number of emails delivered.
  • Messages opened: percentage of successfully delivered campaigns that registered as an open (the contact opened the emails you sent).
  • Messages clicked: percentage of successfully delivered campaigns that registered a click for a URL in the email.
  • Messages replied: number of replies received. 

Tracking events are also displayed next to a lead in the Leads section and you can also set filters to find leads with a specific "sending status".

To ensure your leads won't receive duplicate emails and guarantee the best quality for your campaigns, you will be able to send a campaign to a contact once only.

View all the emails sent

In the Last Activity section you can find an activity log with the chronological events (openings, clicks and replies) associated with the emails you sent. 

Simply click on an email to have a detailed report for it.

Create and manage email templates

In the Email templates section you can create new templates to use for your campaigns and edit or delete existing ones.


In the Settings section you can change the daily limit for the emails sent (you can send up to 400 emails per day), activate notifications when an email is opened, clicked, etc. and view the email address and signature associated with the sent emails.

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