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Email Finder

Find the email of a specific professional

Updated over a week ago

The Email Finder functionality helps you find a professional email by entering the first and last name as well as the company or domain name.Β 

If you only have a company name or domain available, you can find emails associated with this domain using our Domain Search tool instead.

How to find the email of a professional contact

Go to the Email Finder and enter:

  • the first and last name of the person you are looking to find the email address for;

  • the domain name, website or company name this person works for.

If you need help finding the correct website or if you only have the company name, let the autocomplete feature do the job for you:

Find email of a professional contact

πŸ‘‰ Hunter will provide the email address based on the available public sources. If no sources are displayed for an email address in the Email Finder, the email address is guessed and generated using public data found at the domain level and then verified with our Email Verifier.

When we don't have any sources, we'll just let you know that we have verified this email to make sure it exists and is valid.

All emails undergo a free verification before being provided (invalid emails are not listed in the results). The verification status is indicated below the email:

Store the emails found as leads

To save the emails found and store them in Hunter, click the Save as lead button next to the email. All saved leads are stored in your Leads:

Save emails as leads in Hunter

When you save a lead, it will automatically be added to the list of leads that is selected. Click the down arrow to choose a different list of leads or create a brand new one.

Add a lead to an email campaign

After finding an email with the Email Finder, you can add it to an existing or a new email campaign by clicking the Add to a campaign button.

Add leads to an email campaign

Campaigns is included for free with all plans and let you send emails to newly found leads directly in Hunter.

πŸ‘‰ Click here to learn more about Hunter Campaigns.

Find emails for several contacts at once

If you need to find emails from a list of professional contacts, you won't have to do it one by one; instead, you can click on the Find email addresses from a list button to directly access the Bulk Email Finder functionality.

Find more emails within a company

If other emails exist within a domain, Hunter will give you the option to run a full search of the domain.

Track company changes with Signals

Users can also use Signals to stay informed when new email addresses become available within this domain or when news about funding or job opportunities is published.


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