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HubSpot integration

Find out all about Hunter's integration with HubSpot, including how to synchronize, update and manage your leads.

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Hunter offers a free HubSpot integration that allows adding new and already saved leads from Hunter to Hubspot.

This tutorial will show you how to connect Hunter to your HubSpot account and synchronize newly created and existing leads.

🟑 Before starting, please ensure to be the "Super Admin" of your Hubspot account.

How to connect Hunter to HubSpot

To get started, visit the Leads section of your account.

  • In the left sidebar, find the Integrations section and click on the ''βž•'' button;

  • You will be redirected to the Integrations page, where all available CRM integrations are visible. In this case, select HubSpot and click on ''Connect'';

  • Enter your HubSpot credentials and log in to authorize the integration;

Hubspot credentials page
  • Now you’ll see HubSpot in the β€œIntegrations” sidebar menu and you will be redirected to the HubSpot configuration page to review/update the settings;

HubSpot integration Settings
  • From here, you can configure your default HubSpot attributes with Hunter's.

Synchronization between Hunter <> HubSpot

There are several options available to configure your synchronization between Hunter and HubSpot:

  • You can configure whether you want leads to be updated in Hubspot when they are updated in Hunter and/or deleted from Hunter;

Leads synchronization HubSpot

🚩 Duplicate leads: If a lead already exists in HubSpot, no new lead will be created. In this case, an error message will appear on the lead's page with the following message:

Error ❌ Contact already exists

  • You can also select when a lead should be created in HubSpot:

    • when you create a lead in Hunter,

    • when an email is sent from Hunter Campaigns to the lead,

    • or opt to do this sync manually*.

create leads in Hubspot option

πŸ’‘ In case you opt for a manual synchronization β†’ When you click on a lead's page, a button will appear under ''Synchronization''. Click on ''Sync this lead'' to manually update it in HubSpot.

  • If you already had existing leads before connecting Hunter with HubSpot, those leads won't be synchronized by default. Nonetheless, it's pretty simple to synchronize them in HubSpot by clicking the ''Synchronize X leads'' button on the integration's settings page;

synchronize leads button
  • Your synchronized leads can have a dedicated Contact Owner in HubSpot. To enable that option, select the assigned person from your team:

  • It's also possible to create a deal in HubSpot every time a lead is created in Hunter, by selecting the appropriate box.

HubSpot Overview


All of your synchronized leads will be available in the Contacts section of HubSpot:


If you selected the option to create a Deal in HubSpot every time a lead is created in Hunter, you'll also be able to see your saved leads in the Sales dropdown menu under ''Deals'':

Activity Log

The Activity Log in HubSpot is updated every time the following triggers happen in Hunter:

  • When an email is sent

  • When an email sent has bounced

  • When an email was opened

  • When a tracked link was clicked

  • When a lead has replied

  • When a lead has unsubscribed

  • When a note was added

All logged activities can be seen by clicking on a specific lead in HubSpot:

🟑 Please note that you need Super Admin permissions in Hubspot to use the integration. We are currently in touch with Hubspot to reduce this permission and allow regular users to access the integration.

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