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Create a team in Hunter and share your subscription and resources with your colleagues

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Your Hunter subscription (Free plan included) can be shared with unlimited users at no additional cost. All team members will share the credits and benefits included in your subscription.

If a team is on a free plan, for example, all users will share a single quota of 25 Search and 50 Verification credits.

πŸ’‘ Team members can have 3 distinct roles:

  • Owner: the Owner can manage team members, invite new users to the team and manage the subscription and billing of the team.

  • Admin: each Admin can manage team members and invite new users to the team.

  • Member: can see other members of the team.

ℹ️ Team owners and Admins can perform actions on other users' resources:

  • update and archive all team resources (including email campaigns);

  • set daily sending limits for all connected email accounts in Campaigns (including the ones linked to other users in the same team).

In this help article we will cover the following:

How can I invite other people to join my team?

πŸ’‘ Please note that you can only be part of one team.

If you are a team Owner or Admin, you can invite a new user to join your team in the Team section of your account. Just select "+ Invite" on the top right.

You'll be taken to a new page with two options to invite new team members:

Option 1: Invite by link

You can invite team members using a single invite link. Simply select Activate invitation link, copy the link and share it with the users you'd like to invite to your team.

You can also choose whether the link is accessible to everyone or only users working in your company by clicking the option Who can join?

Option 2: Invite by email

You can invite team members by adding their email addresses (up to 50 email addresses separated by a comma). You can also invite team members who work outside your company/organization.

You will have to select a specific role for the user/s to decide if the team member should be a simple Member or an Admin.

If you wish, you can also set a usage limit for Search or Verifications credits that the user cannot exceed.

πŸ‘‰ Once invited, an activation email will be immediately sent with instructions on how to join your team.

➑️ If an existing Hunter user is invited to a team, any resources added to that account will be lost when joining the team (such as leads and campaigns). Additionally, all connected integrations will be disconnected.

The user will have to agree to remove the resources from the account to accept the invitation.

Team overview

On the main Teams page, you can select different views, which allow you to filter by the Owner, the Admins, and the Members or review and manage any pending invitations.

How can I change the rights of a team member?

Go to the Team section and select the option Edit next to the team member for whom you want to change permissions.

Simply select the new role for the team member and click on Update. Any changes will be automatically applied.

How can I remove a team member?

The team Owner and all the Admins can remove a team member by clicking the Remove button next to the team member inside the Team section.

After clicking on Remove, a pop-up will inform you that you will become the owner of their resources, including all their leads, bulk tasks, campaigns, and email templates.

Where can I check the team usage?

Simply go to the Usage section of your account to have a detailed view of your usage vs your team's usage:

πŸ‘‰ Each Admin and the Owner can set usage limits for the new and existing members of the team in the Team section of your account.

To learn more about setting usage limits, check out the following article: Can I set a usage limit for team members?

What resources are shared with other team members?

By default, all the following resources are shared with a team member when sharing a workspace:

  • Leads (including lists, imports, and custom attributes)

  • Campaigns (including templates and unsubscriptions)

  • Bulks (bulk finders, bulk searches, and bulk verifications)

  • Email account connections (to send campaigns from- only on a paid plan)

πŸ’‘ Please note that if you're on a Free plan team, you will not see your teams connected email accounts.

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