You are free to add team members to share your subscription with at no additional cost. All the members will share the common monthly quota allowed by the subscription. 

You can invite a new user to join your team in the Team section of your account.

Simply type the email associated with the person you want to add to your team or invite the members of your organization in Google Suite to join your team with the dedicated button.

How can I change the admin for the team?

If you need to change the admin associated with your team please contact us and share:

  •  the email of the current Admin;
  • the email of the new Admin you want to use.

How do I remove a team member?  

The team administrator can remove a team member by clicking the "x" icon next to the user that need to be removed in the Team section.

N.B. You can only be a member of one team only. Please note that you can join a team only if you have a Free Plan or if you do not have an account in Hunter.

Where can I check the team usage?

Simply go the the Usage section of your account to have a detailed view of your usage vs your team usage:

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