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Can I set a usage limit for team members?
Can I set a usage limit for team members?

Discover how to set usage limits for team members

Updated over a week ago

If you are a team Owner or Admin, you can set usage limits for new and existing team members in the Team section of your account.

How to set credit usage limits for users

When inviting a new team member, you can select the checkbox “Set usage quotas” and set a specific usage quota for each functionality: Search credits and Verification credits.

You can leave the boxes empty if you don’t want to set a limit usage quota.

You can change the usage limits of an existing team member at any time by selecting "Edit" next to that team member:

💡 Monthly plans will have a monthly usage quota limit, whereas yearly plans' usage quota limits represent a 12-month plan duration and are referred to as a yearly quota limit.

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