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MailTracker by Hunter: An Email Tracking tool for Gmail
MailTracker by Hunter: An Email Tracking tool for Gmail

The ultimate Google Chrome extension to help you track your sent emails by telling you when a recipient reads them.

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Hunter offers MailTracker, a free email tracking extension that lets you know when recipients open your emails.

In this guide you'll learn:

How to track email opens with MailTracker

To start tracking all of the emails sent from your Gmail account, add MailTracker to Chrome by clicking the “Add to Chrome” button:

Then sign in with Google to identify your Gmail account:

Once the MailTracker is installed, you can create and send your first email. When the MailTracker Chrome extension is activated, you'll see a small icon in every new email written via Gmail.

💡 You can always disable or activate tracking for an email from the composition window in your Gmail.

Where to monitor email opens in real-time:

There are a few easy ways to monitor, in real-time, which of your sent emails were open:

  • In the Sent folder of your Gmail account, you can hover your mouse over your emails ➡️ you will see a MailTracker icon which you can click on to check the status and see which emails have been read or not;

  • In the conversation, with the complete history of the email openings and the details;

  • You can also receive a real-time alert by email when your emails are opened.

💡 Do you need to send and track emails in bulk?

In this case, you can use Hunter Campaigns - Our free tool for cold outreach. You can send fully personalized bulk emails on autopilot, allowing you to track each email's performance.

How does MailTracker work?

MailTracker adds an invisible one-pixel image inside the email to track single emails sent in Gmail to a unique recipient. The image is loaded when the recipient opens the email, letting the sender know the opening status.

We also built MailTracker with your privacy in mind: we never access or store your emails' subject, recipients, location, or content.

Unlike many other tools, MailTracker doesn’t require permission to read and manage your emails in Gmail. Only the time(s) the email was opened and the type of device (computer, mobile, or tablet) are available in the tracking details.

💡MailTracker does not add a watermark or signature in the email, so the recipients won’t know the email is tracked.

Is MailTracker a FREE email tracking tool?

MailTracker is a FREE email tracking service designed for Gmail.

With our free version, you'll have access to:

  • Full tracking history;

  • Email alerts;

  • Chrome notifications

You can track up to 20 emails per month without any added signatures.

ℹ️ You can learn more about MailTracker on its dedicated website. Do you have any questions or need assistance? Contact our Support team.

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