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How is text formatted in Campaigns?
How is text formatted in Campaigns?

More information on text formatting in Campaigns and best practices to compose a cold email

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Text Formatting in Hunter Campaigns

When sending emails with Hunter Campaigns, the following settings are applied:

  • the font is defined by the software used to read the email ( Apple Mail, Thunderbird, etc.)

  • the font is defined by the website used to read the email ( /

πŸ‘‰ An option to set the font type and font size isn't supported as B2B cold emails should be as plain and simple as possible. Due to that, it's recommended to avoid using special fonts, coloured text parts, variable text dimensions or adding CTAs.

Best practices when sending a cold email

When an email is opened from a recipient (a prospect we have found in Hunter or imported from an existing database, it should feel like a personal message sent from a sender and not like a newsletter or a generic email created with a non-personalized template.

If you are tempted to include a long copy, multiple images or attachments and special text formatting, make sure to ask yourself if you'd be interested in opening, reading and replying to a similar email.

The average attention span for emails is approximately 8 seconds!

πŸ’‘ If you are looking for inspiration or guides on how to write the best cold email, don't hesitate to have a look at this article. It includes a guide with examples written by our Head of Marketing in collaboration with outreach experts.

How to write a cold email - Hunter

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