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Why aren't my emails being opened? (Low open rate)
Why aren't my emails being opened? (Low open rate)

How to address a low email open rate

Updated over a week ago

Addressing why your emails are not being opened is a complex topic, as several factors must be considered.

If you're experiencing a low open rate, there are some common reasons this may be happening and a few actions you can take that may help:

  1. Your emails actually bounced without a bounce message.

    This is difficult to troubleshoot; however, using the Email Verifier and sending emails to only those marked Valid can help.

    Note: You can also choose to include a small number of Accept-all emails with a high confidence score - we suggest reading more about how to handle Accept-all emails here.

  2. The emails weren't actually delivered to the main inbox.

    Your email may have been blocked from delivery altogether (this is possible even if you didn't get a bounce message). It is also possible your email landed in a spam folder due to an automatic block by a spam filter.

    Both issues can be caused by a low sender reputation and a lack of email authentication.

    Some ways to address this are:
    - Implement email authentication protocols
    - Monitor email blocklists
    - Warm up your domain and your inbox before sending more emails

  3. The subject line didn't resonate with your audience.

    This is an issue specific to your campaign, your offer, your audience, and more.

    As there are several layers to this, it's not possible to provide specific advice; however, we have several guides to help point you in the right direction:

    - How to Craft Cold Email Subject Lines

If you have questions after reviewing the above resources, don't hesitate to reach out via chat or email, and we’d be happy to help.

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