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How to connect an SMTP/IMAP email account in Campaigns
How to connect an SMTP/IMAP email account in Campaigns

Find out how to connect and configure an SMTP/IMAP email account in Hunter Campaigns.

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What is an SMTP/IMAP connection?

SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol) is a widely accepted standard for sending emails online. When you use an SMTP connection, you can safely send emails from your email address via Hunter Campaigns.

πŸ‘‰ SMTP/IMAP account connections are available in Campaigns for all users on paid plans.

How to connect a SMTP/IMAP email account in Campaigns

The steps below will guide you in connecting an SMTP/IMAP email account in Hunter Campaigns.

Step 1: Connect a new email account in Campaigns

To begin, go to the Email Accounts section in Campaigns Settings and click the "Connect using SMTP/IMAP".

Step 2: Enter your credentials

To get started with the configuration, make sure to include your full name (the name others will see when you send emails) and your email account's email address and password (the login details you use to access your email inbox with your provider).

Click "Start the configuration" to connect the email account.

Step 3: Email account settings

After connecting your email account, you can simply click on 'edit' to access your email account settings.

Here's what you can configure in the Email account tab:

  • 24-hour Email Limit: this sets the maximum number of emails you can send per day. The default limit is 100 emails per day, and the maximum limit is 250 emails per day.

  • Sender Name: customize the name that recipients will see when you send emails.

  • Signature: create a personalized signature for your emails.

In the Server Settings tab, you can manage:

  • Email address

  • Password

  • SMTP (Sending) Settings:

    • Server Address

    • Port

    • Protection

  • IMAP (Receiving) Settings:

    • Server Address

    • Port

    • Protection

For both SMTP and IMAP settings, you can use the 'Test Configurations' button to verify your current configuration."

πŸ’‘ The SMTP and IMAP settings are automatically filled in when you connect a new email account in Campaigns. If you ever need to make changes to these settings, we recommend referring to your email provider's documentation for guidance.

Guidelines for SMTP/IMAP email accounts

  • When connecting an SMTP/IMAP email account, you cannot use Gmail, Google Workspace and Outlook accounts. Hunter already supports these email services through dedicated sign-in buttons in the Email Accounts section.

  • We highly recommend opting for paid accounts when setting up SMTP/IMAP email accounts in Hunter. Instead of using free accounts offered by providers like Yahoo or AOL, it's strongly advisable to consider paid alternatives like TitanMail or ZohoMail Pro. Free email inboxes often come with stringent limitations on the number of emails you can send, which can result in potential blocks for your email campaigns.

  • Some email providers, such as Zoho Mail, require a paid account to enable connections to other services through SMTP/IMAP.

  • Protonmail email addresses aren't currently supported and iCloud providers are not recommended.

  • Please review your email account settings and ensure that SMTP/IMAP connections are enabled. Also, verify that the connections work properly when two-factor authentication (2FA) is enabled for your account.

  • To successfully connect to your SMTP server, we require that it also supports IMAP; in other words, it must be an actual mailbox provider with the capability of receiving and storing email.

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