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What is Hunter Leads?
What is Hunter Leads?

Learn more about the Leads section in Hunter

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Hunter Leads

A lead is a potential contact for you and your organization.

Hunter's Leads section can be considered a soft CRM and allows you to save your leads in Hunter or import them from an external file. In the Leads section, you can manage all of your prospects, enrich them, verify them and keep them organized in different lists that you can manage according to your needs.

Saving leads in Hunter helps you keep a record of new people to contact to better automate your marketing efforts or save important professional contacts.

The Leads section

The Leads section is divided into different tabs, which you can access on the left side of your screen. They're divided into:

  • Lists: here, you can access all of the created leads list and one list containing all of your leads, called All Leads.

  • Integrations: here, you can find and connect all of the native integrations supported by Hunter.

  • Custom attributes: create custom attributes to personalize your email campaigns.

  • Import leads: quick access to import new list of leads and find previous uploads

  • Settings: decide if you wish to verify each lead that is added to your leads automatically.

Quick links to save your leads and manage them

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