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Pipedrive integration
Updated over a week ago

Hunter offers a free Pipedrive integration that connects to your Pipedrive account to automatically export newly generated leads.

To get started simply go to the "Leads" section of your account.

  • In the left sidebar, find the Connected Apps section and click on the + New application button.

  • Select Pipedrive.

  • Enter your Pipedrive API key in the text box. You’ll find your personal API token in the API inside the Settings->Personal->API section of Pipedrive.

  • Now you’ll see Pipedrive in the “Connected Apps” and you will be redirected to the following configuration page to review/update the settings.

  • From here, you can configure your default Pipedrive attributes with Hunter ones.

  • You can also configure whether you want leads to be updated in Pipedrive when they are updated in Hunter and/or deleted when they are deleted from Hunter.

  • Add new leads to your list.

  • Log in to your Pipedrive account and select the People section inside Contacts. There you’ll see all the leads previously created on Hunter.

Please note: Hunter will automatically save to Pipedrive both newly generated leads and leads already saved in Hunter before launching the integration.

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