In Hunter, your usage is measured with requests. 

Two requests quotas are included in every plan:

  • Searches: available to find emails.
  • Verifications: dedicated to verify emails.

Requests are counted as follows:

  • 1 search request is counted from 1 to 10 email addresses found per domain with a Domain Search.
  • 1 search request is counted for every email found with the Email Finder.
  • 1 verification request is counted for each email processed in the Email Verifier (except for Webmails, Unknown and Disposable emails that are skipped).
  • Our Bulk tasks will always provide the number of requests needed to process a CSV or txt file before downloading the file. Requests will be counted based on the criteria applied for the Domain Search, Email Finder and Email Verifier.
  • The same logic applies to count the number of requests associated with an API call.

No requests are counted if Hunter cannot provide an email.

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