You can integrate Hunter with your service or create custom connections with our API functionality.

To get started with the API, you can have a look at your API overview page, where you will also find your API secret key needed to perform any calls.


Our API service includes the following features:

  • Domain Search

  • Email Finder

  • Email Verification

  • Email Count

  • Leads

  • Lead Lists

  • Campaigns

Request usage

When using the API, the used requests are counted in the same way as on the website, and the same pricing is applied.

Rate limits

When using our API, we ask that you follow our rate limits which are as follow:

  • The Domain Search API call is rate limited to 15 requests per second.

  • The Email Finder and Email Verifier API calls are both rate limited to 300 requests per minute, with bursts of 10 requests per second.

API calls in bulk

Each API call needs to be performed with one piece of data at a time (1 contact, 1 domain, 1 email, etc.). We don't currently offer "bulk" API calls.


We do not support webhooks. All calls will be processed progressively (1 by 1).

Find a complete guide to Hunter's API in our dedicated API documentation.

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