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Why doesn't the Domain Search return any results?
Why doesn't the Domain Search return any results?

No results found in the Domain Search? Here are all the reasons why this can happen.

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In some cases, the Domain Search doesn't return any email addresses for a domain name.

Note: No search credits are counted if Hunter cannot provide an email.

There are three main possible reasons why the Domain Search doesn't return any results:

  1. There is not enough data to be found for this domain name on the public web.

  2. There is data to be found, but Hunter's web crawler couldn't access it.

  3. The results are hidden for legal reasons.

1. There is not enough data to be found for this domain name on the public web

If nothing is returned in the Domain Search, it will most often mean there is simply not enough data available online that Hunter could collect.

This happens more often for smaller websites or smaller companies since they are more likely not to have any professional email addresses published online.

Another reason could be that another domain name other than the one you tried is used for emails. Most of the time the domain name of the website is also used for email addresses, but not all the time.

2. There is data to be found, but Hunter's crawler couldn't access it

In other cases, the data is actually available online but Hunter couldn't find it for technical reasons.

Most of the time, it means Hunter's crawler hasn't recently visited the page where the data appears. It visits hundreds of thousands of pages every minute but the web is a wide place that is constantly updated. We do our best to expand our index and keep it up to date at all times (learn more).

In other cases, pages are discoverable but our crawler is prevented from operating. It can happen if:

  • The website owner specified they don't allow Hunter's crawler to operate. Like common search engines, our crawler follows the instructions included in the robot.txt file.

  • The crawler is technically blocked from accessing the website.

  • The email addresses to be found are obfuscated; this means there are securities to make the email addresses harder to read by automatic means. Hunter's crawler doesn't try to get around such measures.

  • The page where the email address is located is fully rendered in JavaScript, which our crawler cannot execute.

On Hunter, all the data subjects can modify or delete the data about them that is distributed in Hunter's services. When someone asks to be removed from our services, we make sure the email address is never returned in any of Hunter's tools (Domain Search, Email Finder, and Email Verifier).

What can I do when the Domain Search tool doesn't return any results?

  • Make sure the domain name you entered is the one used by the organization to send emails and test your other guesses to see if there are results.

  • If you still don't get any results, follow this step-by-step guide of alternate techniques you can use to find the email address you're looking for.

  • Hunter will also automatically give another try for that domain soon. If there are any new results, you'll be notified.

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