There could be several reasons why a domain or company did not provide emails in Hunter. 

The most common one is that no emails can be publicly found for that domain or company.

Other minor reasons are:

  • We have not crawled web pages where those email addresses appear yet.
  • The company using this domain has a limited presence online and do not provide professional emails.
  • The company uses another domain name for their emails.

Since we only focus on professional contacts, there are websites that won't provide emails in Hunter such as or webmail providers:

If have found an email that is not listed in Hunter. How is that possible?

Hunter is only relying on public data although there can be cases where publicly listed emails cannot be retrieved in our service due to different reasons:

  • Hunter respects domains that have robots.txt or meta disallows that are not allowing crawlers to extract information;
  • our crawler is banned from the website;
  • an email may be obfuscated from being crawled: the website owner applied a measure to hide the email from being crawled even if it is fully visible;
  • the email or the domain itself has been claimed in Hunter. Following the GDPR legislation, we allow email owners to remove them from Hunter:
  • the page where the emails is located is fully rendered in JS (example: Wix websites): this type of pages are not allowing Hunter to extract emails since our crawler does not execute JavaScript. 

If you want to receive a full report on why an email wasn't found in Hunter, simply copy the URL of the page where you found the email and share it with us: send an email to

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