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Can I connect email senders with an SMTP connection?
Can I connect email senders with an SMTP connection?

Is it possible to connect email senders with an SMTP connection?

Updated over a week ago

We currently support the following accounts for the Campaigns functionality:

  • Gmail

  • Google Workspace

  • Outlook

  • Microsoft 365 Business

However, if you have a professional email address set up with a different provider, it’s possible to set up an alias in Gmail that links to your other provider via SMTP. Google has written a helpful article that explains how aliases can be set up here.

You'll then be able to connect your Google account to Hunter and select your alias as the sender on the Campaign Settings page.

Please note that when sending campaigns with an alias, the replies and bounces might not be detected in Hunter as Hunter only has access to the Google account.

If you have suggestions on this or would like to see additional features in Campaigns, we'd love to hear from you! Reach out to us via chat or email ( and we will be more than happy to register your feature request!

Your feedback then goes directly to our Product team and helps us shape the future of Hunter for users around the world.

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