Campaign webhooks

How to integrate Campaigns with other applications using webhooks

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Webhooks are notifications about various events that occur for your sent emails in Hunter Campaigns. These notifications can be used to integrate Hunter Campaigns with other applications.

When you create a webhook, it will send a POST request to the URL of your choice whenever the chosen event happens. There are 4 events you can use:

  • Email sent

  • Email opened

  • Link clicked

  • Email replied

Webhooks can be configured to be added to all your campaigns by default, or you can create a webhook linked to a specific campaign only.

To configure default webhooks, go to the Webhooks section of your Campaign Settings page.

Enter the URL the POST request will be sent to, and choose the event that will trigger the webhook. You can create 1 webhook per type of event.

These default webhooks will automatically be added to all your new campaigns.

If you'd like to have a webhook specific to a particular campaign, you can configure the webhook directly from that campaign's integration tab, after the campaign has been launched.

To see an example of what data will be part of the webhook, you can click on the question mark icon:

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