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How to filter leads by team member?
How to filter leads by team member?

Discover how to filter your leads section only to see the leads created by a specific team member.

Updated over a week ago

Differentiating between leads you and other team members created can be confusing when saving them directly in Hunter.

To make collaboration more straightforward, a filter is available to help you with this - the ''Team member filter''.

To select it, click the ''Filters'' button on the top right of the Leads section.

The filters' list will show up on the left side of the screen, where you will find the filter ''Team member''.

Click on the filter to select the team member(s) whose leads you want to see.

This filter has a multi-select option to allow you to select to see only the leads created by you or another team member, one by one, or as many as you'd like at once.

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