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How to change the sender name in Campaigns
How to change the sender name in Campaigns

Learn how to change the name from which your email campaigns will be sent

Updated over a week ago

When creating a campaign with Hunter, the first step is to select the email sender in the From text box.

Once you choose the email account from which the campaign will be sent, the sender name will be automatically displayed in Hunter and match what your recipients will see when they receive your emails.

Once you initially connect your email account to Campaigns to send from, the sender name is usually retrieved from the email account settings when possible; otherwise, it is pulled from the name used for the Hunter account.

πŸ‘‰ If you'd like to change the sender name (for example, to only include your first name, a company name, to remove the middle name, or include a first name or a last name's initial), you can easily do so in a few steps:

Go to the Campaigns Settings tab and click on Email Accounts to view your currently connected email accounts.

  1. Select the email account associated with the sender name you'd like to change and click on Edit;

  2. You can then edit the name under the Sender name text box. Once modified, click on Update to save the changes.

When you create a new email campaign, the sender name will automatically display the latest change.

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