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Hunter Discover is designed to help you find and connect with companies more efficiently than ever. Whether you’re searching for potential clients, partners, or just need detailed company insights, this feature is your go-to resource.

Here’s how you can start leveraging it to its full potential.

Getting Started

Hunter Discovery lets you find company names based on different filters that can be combined to target your search to your Ideal Customer Profile (ICP) and find emails for them.

The filters include:

  • Company Name: to find a company starting from the name.

  • Headquarters location: where the company is located (city, country or continent).

  • Industry of the company.

  • Size: number of employees in the company.

  • Keywords: use keywords to find companies related to certain products, services, or features.

  • Technologies: to filter companies using a specific technology.

You can find the Hunter Discover on your dashboard. It's accessible from the main menu or by clicking here, ensuring you can start your search with just a click.

How to find companies using Hunter Discover

Using Filters

You can begin your search by inputting the company name, location, keywords, size, industry, or technologies in the search fields of Hunter Discover. You can use one or a combination of filters to refine your search results to match your specific needs.

Hunter Discover filters

Each filter offers both "Include" and "Exclude" options, allowing you to either apply a filter to include a certain industry, location, or keyword, or to specifically exclude them from your search.

Save a Search

After adding filters, you can save them in a dedicated search that you can quickly access.

Click 'Load' to see your saved searches.

Hunter Discover save a search

You'll also find all saved searches when navigating to Hunter Discover, ready to be accessed with a single click.

Hunter Discover saved searches

Exploring Company Profiles

Viewing Company Details

To dive deeper into a company, simply click on the result you’re interested in. This will expand the company’s profile, providing comprehensive details, including a company description, size, industry, and technologies used.

Hunter Discover show company information

Discovering Professional Emails

Within the expanded company profile, you’ll find a section dedicated to professional emails associated with the company. This is your key to connecting directly with decision-makers and key contacts. Click the "Find email addresses" button to find emails for the company.

Hunter Discover find email addresses

💡We recommend saving the emails found as leads to ensure they will be stored in your Leads section.

Bulk actions

Find emails from multiple companies

Choose individual companies or select all at once, then click the "Find email addresses" button to find email addresses for all the selected companies.

These selected companies will be added to a new Bulk Domain Search, allowing you to find emails for all of them simultaneously.

ℹ️ You can select a maximum of 100 companies at a time.

Export company names in CSV

The "Export as CSV" button allows you to export the selected companies in a CSV file: this functionality is free.

Hunter Discover export as CSV

Below, you can find a sample of the resulting CSV file.

ℹ️ The CSV export is limited to 1,000 results.

Best Practices

  • Refine your search: Use multiple filters to narrow down your search results. This can significantly increase the relevancy of the companies you find.

  • Explore broadly: Don’t hesitate to explore companies outside your immediate requirements. Diversifying your search can uncover unexpected opportunities.

  • Regular updates: Company information and associated emails are regularly updated. Make sure to check back often for the most current information.

Need help?

If you have suggestions or need assistance with the Hunter Discover feature, our Support team is here to help you. Email us at or start a new chat.

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