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Manage your leads

Learn how to manage your existing leads, verify them, move, export and filter them

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Once you have saved your leads in the Leads section, you can update and manage your leads using various actions:

Verify your leads

If you did not verify your leads when you imported them, you can still do this inside your list of leads.

If you wish to select individual leads to verify, check the leads you want to verify, and in the Actions menu, click on Verify leads. Alternatively, to verify all leads at once, click directly on the Actions menu and Verify leads to verify all the leads in this leads list.

Before the verification starts, we'll ask you to confirm your action and let you know how many Verification Credits will be used.

💡If you're part of a team, only the Team Owner and Admins have the possibility to verify all leads. Should you be a member of a team, by verifying all leads, you will only verify leads that belong to you.

Verified emails will have a green checkmark with the confidence score in the Verification status column.

💡If the verification status column isn't visible, manually select it at the top right button for Displayed columns.

👉 If you wish to verify any email you add to your leads automatically, you can configure this on your Leads Settings page. In the Leads page, click on Settings at the bottom of the left sidebar. Simply check the Automatic leads verifications option and save your settings.

Filter your leads

You can filter all your saved leads by using dedicated filters.

  1. Start with clicking on the Filters button in the top right corner;

  2. The + Add filter button will show up on the left side below the Actions button;

  3. Select the filter(s) you want to add to your list, one by one

  4. Choose between Contains to add a specific keyword, Has any value to see all results that contain any value within the filter, or Is empty to see the leads that don't contain any information on the filter applied.

💡Note: You can clear all your filters by clicking on the ''Clear all filters'' button, located at the top right of the leads page, below the ''Filters'' button.

Contact your leads

There are two ways to contact your leads from the Leads page:

  • From the view button in the Actions column

Click on the eye symbol in the 'Actions column of the selected lead;

The lead's contact page will pop up. Click on Send an email to contact the lead directly;

  • From the three dots in the Actions column

Click on the three dots in the Actions column of the selected lead, and select Send an email. A popup email page will appear.

💡Note: If you haven't connected your Gmail or Google Workspace account to Hunter yet, you will first need to sign in with Google to set up the integration.

A pop-up window will appear, where you can compose an email and send it directly from Hunter.

  • Add leads to a new or existing campaign

You can also set up automated email campaigns to several leads at a time. Learn how to get started with Hunter Campaigns.

Export your leads

Your list of leads can be downloaded easily as a CSV file by clicking the Export to CSV button located under the Actions menu for each list of leads.

💡This option is only available inside of each leads list and not under All leads.

Add notes to your leads

You can easily collaborate within a team or leave important information about a specific lead, by adding a note on the lead's page:

Move your leads to a different list

You can easily move your leads from one list to another. To do so, while on the original leads list, select the leads you would like to move. If you wish to move all of the leads inside your leads list, don't select any specific leads. This will automatically select them all.

Now click the Actions button and then on the Move to a list button.

A popup window will appear. Select the destination list and confirm the change by clicking on Move leads.

💡You can not move leads from the All leads list.

How to delete your leads

You can delete your leads in the Leads section on your dashboard in two ways:

  • Select leads manually: To delete a single lead or a few leads, select them, click the Actions button, and then select Delete. A maximum of 100 single leads can be deleted at a time.

  • Select all leads or lists of leads: You can also delete an entire list of leads or all of the leads in the All Leads section by clicking on the name of the Leads list and selecting Delete.

💡If you're part of a team, only the Team Owner and Admins can delete leads that don't belong to them. If you are a team member, you will only delete leads that belong to you, every other lead will be simply skipped.

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