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What are the possible verification statuses for an email?
What are the possible verification statuses for an email?

Discover how to recognize a valid, invalid, blocked, accept all and unknown email.

Updated over a week ago

Many emails in Hunter are already verified and have a verification status assigned.

Here's a summary of the possible verification statuses:

  • Valid

    You can use the email safely.

  • Accept All

    The email server has an accept-all policy which prevents us from knowing if an inbox has been set up for that email address, so the email should be used with caution. More information on how to use similar emails can be found here.

  • Invalid

    The email address failed the verification checks and it shouldn't be used since it doesn't exist.

  • Disposable

A temporary email address that self-destructs after a certain timeframe.

  • Unknown

Hunter could not determine the validity of the email. We recommend running a new verification after a few minutes.

What status is applied to emails that haven't been verified?

All the emails found in Hunter without a validity status have a confidence score assigned which will provide you with a first overview of the likeliness that the email is valid. You'll find the score below the email in the Domain Search:

Email addresses with a confidence score of 90-95% or higher have a high chance of being fully deliverable, although a high score does not guarantee deliverability.

Providing an accurate and updated confidence score is our first priority: confidence scores are constantly updated based on the quality and quantity of public data points associated with the email.

To have a complete deliverability report, we highly suggest running the emails that are gathered through the Email Verifier tool. The confidence score is still used when there is no status available.

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