Overage Credits

Learn what overage credits are, how to enable/disable this option, and how to manage it in your account.

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Overage credits are a flexible solution that is, by default, automatically enabled once you've reached a paid plan's monthly quota of Search and/or Verification credits.

With this option, you won't have to wait until your billing cycle renews to have credits available again, as you can start using overage credits at a unit price immediately.

You can use overage credits on any paid plan, and the unit rates and limits vary according to the plan selected.

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Overage credits quota

Each paid plan has a maximum number of overage credits that can be used per billing cycle, as well as a unique unit rate:




Monthly Search quota




Monthly Verification quota




Max. overage Search credits




Max. overage Search credits




💡 By default, you can use the same amount of credits for overages as your plan's quota.

For example:

Starter Plan with 500 Searches and 1,000 Verifications per month

With overage credits, you can use up to another 500 Searches and 1,000 Verifications per month, charged at a unit price.

How to enable/disable overage credits

Overage credits are enabled by default on your subscription. The Account Owner can edit this option in the Subscription tab:

Hunter.io overage credits

Simply click on the ''Disable or edit limits'' link and a popup message will show up:

Uncheck the ✅ on the left of the ''Allow credits over quota'' message to disable overage credits.

How to limit overage credits

If you don't want your team to use more than a specific number of overage credits per month, it's fairly simple to set a maximum limit of Search and Verification credits per month.

In the Subscription section of your account, click on ''Disable or edit limits''.

You can then set any number between 0 and the maximum available quota for Searches and Verifications in your plan:

These numbers can be edited anytime to ensure your team doesn't use more overage credits than what has been established.

Billing of Overage Credits

Overage credits are charged at a unit price and are billed at the end of each billing cycle (or when reaching the billing threshold set at your current plan's monthly cost).

The price per overage credit is established when you sign up for the plan and is visible in the ''Review your order'' step:

By default, overage credits are automatically enabled in your account once you've reached your monthly quota, and you can monitor its usage in your dashboard:

Once the billing cycle ends, a single charge will be made for all overage credits used during that period.

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