Tracking open rate in Campaigns

All Hunter Campaigns users can track when their emails get opened.

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Tracking email opens is enabled by default when you create a new campaign. This feature is available to Hunter users on all plans.

How Hunter tracks email open rates

When "track email opens" is enabled for a campaign, a unique tracking pixel is added to every email within that campaign. When the recipient opens the email, Hunter automatically logs an open event, letting you know when and how many times each recipient opened the email.

How to enable/disable the tracking

When launching a new campaign, you can disable or enable tracking opens and link clicks at the bottom of the content editor.

Knowing who has opened your emails

After the emails in your campaign are sent, you can see which emails got opened in the Emails tab when inspecting the given campaign:

You can further analyze how a given recipient interacted with your email by clicking on a specific message:

The report allows you to see the following:

  • Exactly when your email was opened,

  • How many times it was opened,

  • The device type that was used to open it.

Track the open rate of an email campaign

The overall open rate for a campaign is available at a campaign level at the top of the Emails tab (the eye icon):

And in the Statistics section:

You can also see the open rate statistics and other data points about a specific campaign displayed on the Campaigns tab.

The number of unique opens is also available per recipient in the Engagement tab within Campaigns.

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