Find and create email templates

How to find, create and manage email templates for your email campaigns

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With templates, you can easily save and reuse emails when doing cold outreach. This will save you time and streamline your outreach process.

How to create an email template

To reuse the same email multiple times, you can not only create a duplicate campaign but also copy the content and save it in the Templates section for easy reuse.

Within the Templates section, you can create or discover new templates for your email campaigns. Modify or delete existing ones as needed.

Create your own templates

👉 To create a template, go to the Templates section and click on + New template, this will redirect you to a new page where you can start typing your content.

Assign your template a title for easy recall, create a subject line, and utilize custom attributes to enhance your content for all your campaigns.

A GIF demonstrating how to create a new template, give it a title and save it.

Edit your templates

Templates can be edited or deleted anytime, simply by selecting them in the Templates section, editing the content and clicking on Update.

Instead, if you wish to delete the template select Delete at the bottom of the page just under the update button.

This image shows how to update an existing template, by clicking on the "Update" button or how to delete it.

Browse Hunter templates and save them

If you need inspiration to create an email template, simply click on "Browse best-performing email templates" and you'll find a growing collection of over 250 email templates that you can easily save and use in your email campaigns.

A GIF showing how to get to Hunter's email templates section, from inside the Templates section in the Account.

Once you have chosen your template and you have saved it, by clicking on the Save in my templates button, you will be directed to your Templates section in your account where you can name your template and make any modifications, before adding it to your own templates for reuse.

A screenshot demonstrating how to to save a template from Hunter's free email templates section.

Once the templates are saved, they will be directly available in the content of a campaign when you create it, simply click on Select a template, above the Subject line.

An image showing the Content section of a campaign and how to select a template that has been previously saved.

💡Templates will be shared by default with members of the same team. However, a team member cannot edit a template that is not theirs unless they are a team admin.

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