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Connect your email account in Campaigns

How to connect your email account to launch your first email campaign

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In this help article, you'll learn how to connect your email account to Campaigns to launch your first email campaign.

Supported Email Accounts

We support the following types of email accounts:

πŸ‘‰ If your email account doesn't belong to the providers above, we offer a direct SMTP/IMAP integration: Connect using SMTP/IMAP

πŸ’‘The option to connect your email account using SMTP/IMAP is not available on a Free plan.

How to connect your email account

To connect your account, all you have to do is go inside the Email account settings, which you can find in the settings section of Campaigns.

Once inside the Email account settings, simply click on the type of account you want to add and follow the instructions.

Once connected, you will see a list of your email accounts and other information, such as the type of email account, the status (connected or disconnected), your daily sending limit, the number of scheduled emails for each account, and finally, you have the option to edit the account or completely remove it.

Connect an SMTP/IMAP email account in Campaigns

To begin, go to the Email Accounts section in Campaigns Settings and click the "Connect using SMTP/IMAP".

To get started with the configuration, make sure to include your full name (the name others will see when you send emails) and your email account's email address and password (the login details you use to access your email inbox with your provider).

Click Start the Configuration to connect the email account.

πŸ’‘The SMTP and IMAP settings are automatically filled in when you connect a new email account in Campaigns. If you ever need to make changes to these settings, we recommend referring to your email provider's documentation for guidance.

Have a look at this in-depth help article we have created to guide you in setting up your SMTP/IMAP account.

How many email accounts can I connect?

The number of email accounts you can connect depends on the plan you own.

Free plan

Starter plan

Growth plan

Business plan

1 Email account

3 Email accounts

10 Email accounts

20 Email accounts

Connecting more accounts allows you to send more emails per day, reducing the risk of getting your account blocked by your email service provider and it enables you to take advantage of our Account Rotation feature.

πŸ‘‰ Need to connect more email accounts? Discover how to do so here: How to add additional email accounts to the subscription.

πŸ’‘ The quota is counted at the team level: it's the total number of email accounts that team members can connect in Campaigns, based on your Plan.

Email account settings

There are different actions you can perform to manage your connected email accounts. Once connected, you can change the daily sending limit based on your preferences or, for instance, make changes to the name associated with the email account or the signature.

Change the daily sending limit

By default, the daily sending limit is set to 100 emails a day. To change the daily sending limit for a connected email account, go to the Campaigns Settings tab and click on Email Accounts to view your currently connected email accounts.

πŸ‘‰ Select the email account associated with the sender's name you'd like to change and click on Edit.

Each connected email account has its own daily sending limit:

  • Up to 400 emails for Google accounts

  • Up to 250 emails for Microsoft accounts

  • Up to 250 emails for SMTP/IMAP accounts

ℹ️ Once the limit is reached, all scheduled emails will be paused until midnight and then automatically resume in respect of the sending window you've set.

Change the sender name associated with the email account

If you connected a Gmail/Google Workspace or an SMTP/IMAP email connection account, you can edit the sender name which will be visible in the From field in your sent email.

To edit your sender name, go to the Email Account section inside the Campaigns Settings. Select the email account you'd like to change and click on Edit.

πŸ‘‰ In the section Sender name, you can edit the current name to a different one of your choice. To save the changes, click on Update.

When you create a new Campaign, the sender's name will display the latest change.

ℹ️ This feature is not available for Outlook/ Microsoft 365 accounts.

In that case, the sender's name is pre-selected to match your email's account name when you first connect it to Hunter Campaigns.

Additionally, if you have aliases set up in your Gmail/Google Workspace account, you can select one of your aliases to send the emails from.

Change the signature

How to change the signature for your campaigns depends on your email provider.

With Gmail or Google Workspace connections, Hunter fetches your signature automatically from your Google account, you can edit it in your Gmail settings.

Instead, it is not possible to retrieve the signature from Outlook or Microsoft 365 Business. Therefore, the signature needs to be added manually to each campaign.

If you have a paid plan and use an SMTP/IMAP connection, you can edit your signature directly in Hunter by clicking "Edit" in the email account settings in Campaigns.

Now that you have set up your email accounts in Campaigns, let's add your email campaign settings and review your campaign before launching it! πŸš€

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