Email account rotation

Expand the reach of your campaigns by including additional sending accounts

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Email account rotation (also known as inbox rotation) is a feature offered by some cold email tools, including Campaigns. It allows you to send a single campaign using multiple email accounts.

Benefits of using email account rotation

  • Being able to send the same campaign from multiple accounts makes it easier to quickly send an email outreach campaign to a large number of recipients without having to exceed the recommended daily sending limits.

  • It saves you the manual work of configuring multiple campaigns that target the same group of recipients with the same message, and it makes it possible to ramp up your daily sending volume without sending too many emails from any individual account.

  • All of this contributes to protecting your sender's reputation and deliverability. That’s because email providers associate sudden sending volume spikes and an excessive daily sending volume with spam-related activity.

How does email account rotation work

Email account rotation allows you to select multiple email addresses when setting up a campaign. In Campaigns, you can choose any number of email accounts that you have connected to your account.

After you Launch the campaign, Hunter will begin sending the emails, evenly distributing the scheduled messages among all the email accounts you included.

The emails will be sent from each account according to the daily sending limits you may have set up for them individually.

Sending limit schedule example:

  • You have 100 emails to send, and you want to send them using two different email accounts.

  • The 100 emails will be evenly divided between the two accounts, so each account will send 50 emails.

  • If you’ve set a daily sending limit of 10 emails for one account and the other has no sending limits, then one account will send 10 emails daily for 5 days, while the other will send all 50 emails within one day.

If you include follow-up messages in your email campaign, each recipient will receive the follow-up message from the same email account used to send the first message.

You can also add or remove email accounts from the rotation after a campaign is launched.

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