What is Hunter Campaigns?

A quick overview of what Campaigns is and how to get started with cold email outreach

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Meet Campaigns: your free email outreach tool

Campaigns is a free product that integrates with your Gmail/Google Workspace, Outlook/Microsoft account, and SMTP/IMAP setup. It allows you to send single emails, email campaigns and schedule follow-ups directly from Hunter.

The video below includes an introduction to the main features of Hunter Campaigns and helps you get started with it.

Why is Campaigns useful to you?

Hunter is an all-in-one email outreach platform that serves a wide range of business objectives, including sales, recruitment, marketing, and more. Our products assist you in identifying qualified prospects and ensure that your leads' emails are valid and verified.

Once you've found emails, you can save them to your Leads and use Campaigns to reach out directly.

Campaigns enables you to create targeted, personalized email campaigns, schedule follow-ups based on your needs and it's completely free to use.

Once your campaign is set, you can let Hunter take charge. Campaigns automatically schedules the sending of individual emails to maximize deliverability.

Emails are directly sent from your IP and email account to offer the best deliverability.

You can track engagement and receive comprehensive reports to refine your marketing approach and enhance overall marketing efforts.

We continuously improve the product to provide more ways for you to safely scale your email outreach and we also have an extensive library of free templates and insights from our marketing experts on our Blog, as well as an entire Cold Email Guide to support you if needed.

Cold outreach: getting started

Everything starts with a goal. Identify your ideal customer profile, target your campaign, and, find and verify your leads to prevent bounce issues. Once the campaign is launched, analyze your efforts, conduct testing and refine your campaign strategy over time. Hunter is here to support you throughout the entire process.

If you're new to cold email outreach or wish to dive deeper for more in-depth advice, we've got you sorted. Our Marketing team has put together all their knowledge and insights to create a complete Cold Email Guide.

πŸ’‘ The Cold Email Guide covers everything from technical setup to strategy and copywriting, providing both theoretical and practical advice. You can find it HERE.

Campaigns: the difference between a free and paid plan

While you can use Campaigns completely for free, you can get some extra benefits when on a paid plan.

Sending limits

These are common to all accounts (free and paid). By default, after connecting an account, Hunter sets a sending limit of 100 emails per day. This limit can be changed in the Email Accounts settings.

Based on the email account connected, there are different daily sending limits:

  • Gmail/Google Workspace accounts up to 400 emails per day.

  • Microsoft/Outlook accounts and SMTP/IMAP accounts: a maximum of 250 emails per day.

Number of connected email accounts and campaigns' recipients

The number of accounts you can connect depends on your plan (see the table below).

πŸ‘‰ All paid plans include the ability to purchase additional email accounts to send campaigns from.

Based on the plan you are using, we also set a maximum number of recipients p/campaigns. There's no limit on the number of email campaigns you can create.






Email accounts

1 Account


3 Account


10 Account


20 Account


Recipients per campaign

500 Recipients

2,500 Recipients

5000 Recipients

10,000 Recipients

Email account rotation

With the email account rotation feature, you can send an email campaign using multiple email accounts, ensuring emails are sent out evenly. This feature is available with all paid plans and allows you to increase your daily sending but still lower the risk of getting your account blocked by your email service provider.

Link tracking, images, videos and attachments

Furthermore, with a paid plan, you can enhance your campaign's content by adding images, videos, and attachments. You'll also be able to keep track of the clicks on your links.

Custom tracking domain

With a Growth plan, you can also include your own domain for tracking your emails and links. More information can be found here.

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