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Use filters to target specific leads for your email campaign
Use filters to target specific leads for your email campaign

Learn how to filter your leads to create targeted email campaigns

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How to filter your leads

Certain filters can be helpful in setting up new campaigns and follow-up campaigns, such as the Sending status and Verification status:

Sending Status

The Sending status filter allows you to narrow down between the leads that had any kind of interaction with your email campaigns, and those who didn't or bounced. You can choose one or multiple filters.

In the Sending status section of your Leads, you can filter by the following statuses:


The recipient replied to the email.


The recipient has clicked on a link inside the email.


The recipient has opened the email.


The message was sent, but none of the above statuses apply.


The message has not been sent yet.


There was an error while sending the message.


The message bounced and did not reach the recipient.


The recipient unsubscribed from your campaigns.

Never contacted

You have never sent an email to this recipient.

Verification status

The Verification status filter helps you understand which leads are valid and which might not be, which can increase the deliverability rate of your Campaigns.

Accept all

The email server has a policy of accepting all email addresses, which prevents this email from being verified. More on Accept all domains can be found here.


The email is temporary and should not be used. It has not been verified.


Something, such as a block or a timeout on the email server side, is preventing us from knowing the verification status.


The email can safely be used.


The email is a webmail (,, etc.) and has not been verified.


The verification for this email was triggered but has not yet been performed.

Not verified

The email has not been verified.

πŸ’‘ You can also filter your leads by Custom Attributes in the Leads filter section, which allows you to set up targeted email Campaigns.

Add leads to a campaign from the Leads section

Once you have filtered your leads, you can add them to a new or existing campaign directly from the Leads section.

To do so, first select the chosen lead/s and simply click the Actions menu. Then select Add to a Campaign or Create a new Campaign, based on your preference, as shown in the image below.

A screenshot of part of the Leads section, showing how to add leads to a new or existing campaign.

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