To find a domain simply insert or copy and paste the domain name into the input box located in the dashboard.

Hunter will automatically find all the available email addresses associated with it and the following information, when available:

  • Full name
  • Job title
  • Telephone number
  • Twitter profile
  • LinkedIn profile

Show sources for the emails found

All the emails found in the Domain Search are publicly sourced from the web. Click the arrow next to the number of available sources to expand them.

All links are active and they will lead you to the specific page where Hunter found a specific email by providing a reference date too.

Apply filters to the emails found

You can filter Generic or Personal email addresses before or after processing a Domain Search. 

  • Generic email addresses are role-based email addresses, like contact@ or support@
  • Personal email addresses are the professional email addresses of the people inside the organization, like

Find emails for a specific job title

With the department filter you can find the emails for people associated with a specific position in a company.

After launching a Domain Search simply choose one or multiple seniority levels and departments you want to find the emails for.

Find a specific person's email

The Domain Search also returns the most likely email pattern to identify a person. For example: {first}.{last}. To find the email of a specific person working at that company:

  1. enter the First and Last Name of the person you are looking for in the Find Someone box;
  2. simply hit the search icon of press Enter to retrieve the email address for that person along with the list of sources and confidence score.

The Confidence Score

Every email address in the Domain Search is provided with a Confidence Score. Each email address can show a green, orange or red dot next to it.

These dots are a good indicator for the deliverability of the email and, by hovering it, you’ll get the accurate % of the Confidence Score.

Emails with a confidence score of 95% or higher have a high chance of being fully deliverable although a high score does not guarantee a 100% fully deliverable email. The confidence score depends on the amount of information we have on a domain name and the sources for the email.

Providing an accurate and updated confidence score is our first priority, although we suggest running the emails that are gathered through the Email Verifier. That will give you a more accurate indication of whether the email will bounce allowing you to have a full deliverability report on the email

Emails that have already been verified are marked with a "verified" icon in the Domain Search:

Export the email addresses found in CSV

Paid plan users can use the “Export in CSV” button to export the emails found for a Domain.

You can also copy a single email address by clicking on it:

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