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Integrate your Gmail or Outlook account to Hunter

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Hunter offers three email integrations, you can connect to send single emails or create email campaigns directly in Hunter Campaigns.

To start sending emails with Hunter, simply connect your Gmail or Outlook account (or their professional equivalents, Google Workspace and Microsoft 365 Business). Starting with our lowest-paid plan, you can also connect your professional emails using SMTP/IMAP.

How to send an email with Hunter?

Once your email accounts are connected to Campaigns, you can start sending.

The emailing feature is available in the Leads section. There are two ways to contact your leads from there:

From the eye button in the Actions column

  1. Click on the eye symbol in the ''Actions'' column of the selected lead;

  2. The lead page will pop up. Click on ''Send a message'' to send an email to the lead directly.

From the three dots in the Actions column

  1. Click on the three dots in the ''Actions'' column of the selected lead;

  2. Select ''Send a message'';

  3. A popup email page will appear.

You can now type the email you want to send, or create a template to re-use it with other contacts.

How to send an email campaign?

To send an email to an entire list of leads, click on the Actions button and then on the ''Create a new campaign'' option.

You can have a look at the dedicated Campaign tutorial for a full guide!

How to add Templates?

In your saved templates, which you can find in the ''templates'' section, you can set different customized parameters such as First Name, Last Name, Full Name, Email, Position, Company and Website.

Attributes are automatically filled when sending the email based on the contact’s information saved in Hunter. In case some of your contacts are missing some attributes, make sure to add fallbacks.

You can also add custom attributes if the attribute you want is not in the list.

You can easily select a template when you compose a new message.

💡Note: When using the Gmail integration, your Gmail signature will always be appended at the end of the message.

How to track and monitor your emails?

All the emails sent with Hunter are automatically tracked to provide real-time statistics on the openings and replies of your emails. While on any paid plan, you can also track the link clicks.

To check the status of an email, open the lead you sent the email to in the Leads page. Select the email you want to check and Hunter will provide the activity made in the email from the recipient.

Tracking events are also displayed in the ''Sending Status'' column in the Leads section.

💡Note: If the sending status column isn't visible, you can manually select it at the top right button for Displayed columns.

You can also set filters to find leads with a specific "sending status" in the Filters tab.

For more details, you can read the section about lead verifications in the main Leads help article.

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