Hunter offers a free Zoho CRM integration that allows to easily export new generated leads from Hunter to your Zoho CRM account.

To get started simply go to the Leads section of your account.

  • In the left sidebar, find the Connected Apps section and click on the + New application button.

  • Select Zoho CRM and click Accept to allow Hunter accessing your Zoho account to save your leads:

  • Now you’ll see Zoho in the “Connected Apps” and you will be redirected to the following configuration page to review/update the settings.

  • From here, you can configure your default Zoho attributes with Hunter ones.

  • You can also configure whether you want leads to be updated in Zoho when they are updated in Hunter and/or deleted when they are deleted from Hunter.

  • All your current and newly saved leads will be automatically added to Zoho CRM's Leads section. 

Please note: Hunter will automatically save to Zoho CRM both newly generated leads and leads already saved before launching the integration.

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