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Will all my leads be integrated with a new service after connecting it with Hunter?
Will all my leads be integrated with a new service after connecting it with Hunter?
How to ensure your leads are synced to your CRM
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Yes, all your already saved and new leads saved in Hunter be automatically imported to the selected service when integrating it with Hunter. You can choose between the following integrations:

To check your leads' synchronization status, you can go to the Leads section and click on a lead. Check the ''Synchronization'' status to see if the lead has been successfully added to your CRM (if so, it will show the tag "Saved").

Will any changes on my leads be automatically updated in my CRM?

Yes, it's possible to automatically save any changes to your leads directly in your CRM. You can do this by setting your CRM synchronization preferences on the Connected Apps page.

This option is available for the CRMs that have a native integration with Hunter. Those are:

  • Zoho CRM;

  • Hubspot;

  • Salesforce;

  • Pipedrive.

Which CRM synchronizations can be done with Hunter?

There are two types of synchronizations that you can do between Hunter and your CRM.

In the Connected Apps page, check for the ''CRM'' integrations. Click on the ''Settings'' button of your connected CRM.

In the Settings page, you will be able to enable the following options by checking the appropriate box:

  • Update a lead on the CRM when it changes on Hunter;

  • Delete a lead on the CRM when it's deleted on Hunter.

This will ensure that any changes to your leads on Hunter will automatically be updated on your CRM.

For more details, you can read the section about lead verifications in the main Leads help article.

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