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Adding Recipients to a Campaign
Adding Recipients to a Campaign

How to add leads to new and existing campaigns

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How to add recipients to a campaign

You can add recipients to an email campaign in three different ways:

  • From Leads: select leads or a list of leads already saved in Hunter.

  • Upload a CSV: upload a CSV file, to import new leads and their attributes.

  • Manually: create leads from a list of email addresses.

An image with the 3 different options to add recipients to a campaign, from the Leads section, by uploading a CSV and  by manual input

Import from existing leads

Starting with the option to import From Leads, you can import existing leads in Hunter into your campaign's Audience section.

To find the specific leads you're looking for, you can apply multiple filters to help you narrow your search. The filtering options are very broad, with default options and specific ones based on the attributes you have associated with your leads.

The add recipients from leads window, showing some applied filters to help with finding the leads to add to your campaign.

Import via CSV or TXT file

When uploading a CSV file, you will be directed to a new page where you can upload your CSV file. The system will prompt you to select the destination list for your leads or offer you the possibility to create a new Leads list.

💡Existing leads will not be added to your list to prevent duplicates; instead, existing contacts will only be updated. This follows the same procedure as when performing a Lead import, which you can find out more about in the Help article on Leads.

You can upload a CSV or TXT file. It's important to note that the file must use commas or semicolons as column delimiters. To be valid, your rows must contain at least an email column.

You also have the option to ask the system to verify the emails when uploading them. This will use one verification credit per email.

The import to my leads window you get when uploading leads via CSV file.

💡When adding a CSV file with more recipients than the ones allowed in your Plan per each campaign, the system, will only extract the first rows on your file corresponding to the number of recipients per campaign allowed in your Plan. (e.g. 500 on a Free Plan)

Add recipients manually

By choosing the option Manually, you can add the recipients manually by entering their email address, comma-separated, or one per line.

💡Keep in mind, that when doing so, they will be saved as Leads and when pasting more than 100 emails into the box, a new Leads import will be created.

The window you will get to manually enter email addresses to your campaign.

Adding leads to an existing campaign

To add new leads to an existing campaign, just go to the Audience section of your campaign and select + Add. This way you can add additional recipients to your campaign using one of the three methods explained previously.

A screenshot of the Audience section in your campaign that shows how to add leads to existing campaign, by clicking on the "+ Add" button.

As soon as a new lead is added to an active campaign, a new email is created and sent according to your sending schedule.

💡If you a part of a Team, and you are not an Admin or the Owner of the subscription, keep in mind that you can only add leads to your own campaigns and not to campaigns created by other Team members.

Adding manually removed recipients to your new campaign

💡Recipients that have been manually canceled in a launched campaign can't be added again to the same campaign, even if you pause it. Additionally, bounced or unsubscribed leads can't be added again to any Campaign and will end up directly in your Unsubscriptions list. For further details about this click HERE.

In the case of a new campaign that has not been launched yet, when you manually cancel one or a few leads from your Campaign's Audience, you can add them again by first deleting them from the "removed recipients" list.

To do so, go to the Audience section of your campaign and select "(Nr.) removed recipients" as shown in the screenshot below.

A screenshot showing where you can find the removed recipients from your campaign.

Now, simply click on Clear the list. This will free up the emails to add them again to the Campaign.

A screenshot explaining how to clear the list from the manually removed recipients, by clicking on the button in the removed recipients window.

Adding leads to a new or existing campaign from the Leads section

You also have the option to add leads to campaigns directly from the Leads section.

First, select the chosen lead/s and simply click the Actions menu. Then select Add to a Campaign or Create a new Campaign, based on your preference, as shown in the image below.

A screenshot of part of the Leads section, showing how to add leads to a new or existing campaign.

How many recipients can be added to an email campaign?

The amount of recipients that can be added to an email campaign varies based on your plan, however, there is no limit to the number of campaigns you can create.






Recipients per campaign



2,500 Recipients

5,000 Recipients

10,000 Recipients

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