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Update active email campaigns

How to modify an active email campaign after it has been launched

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Even after an email campaign has been launched, you still have the option to make modifications. For instance, you can add additional recipients, edit the content and add new follow-ups. New emails will be modified and scheduled accordingly.

Edit the content of an active email campaign

You can edit the content of an active email campaign, without having to pause it first.

The system will automatically save any modifications and update newly scheduled emails for you.

๐Ÿ‘‰To edit the content of your email campaign or any follow-ups, go to the Content section of the campaign and make any relevant changes.

Add recipients to an active email campaign

You can add additional recipients to an existing and active email campaign, allowing you to send the same messages to new leads without creating a duplicated campaign.

โ„น๏ธ Cancelled recipients cannot be re-added to the same email campaign.

You have different options to do so:

  • From the Audience section inside your email campaign

To add new leads to an existing email campaign, go to the Audience section inside your campaign, select + Add, and choose one of the three methods explained here: Adding recipients to a campaign.

  • From the Leads section

You can also add single recipients directly from a list of leads or entire lists of leads. In the Leads section, simply select the lead(s) you want to add or the list, and from the Action menu, click on Add to a campaign.

  • From the Domain Search and Email Finder

You can also add new leads to new or existing email campaigns from the Domain Search or Email Finder tool.

Strat by searching for your leads and then select Add to a Campaign. Here you will have the option to Add the lead to an existing campaign (select the one from the dropdown menu) or create a new one, by clicking on Create a new campaign.

๐Ÿ‘‰ If you a part of a Team, and you are not an Admin or the Owner of the subscription, keep in mind that you can only add leads to your own campaigns and not to campaigns created by other Team members.

Add a follow-up to an existing email campaign

It is also possible to add follow-up(s) once an email campaign is active. To do that, you need to pause it first. Go to the bottom of the Content section, and click on the Add a follow-up button.

Once you finish adding your follow-up(s), resume your Campaign by toggling it on again.

Email account rotation: distribute scheduled emails for an active email campaign

It is possible to add additional senders to an active email campaign, you do not even have to pause the campaign first. To use this feature you will need at least two email accounts to be set up.

โ„น๏ธ Only new recipients or recipients in the email campaign who haven't been contacted yet will be distributed among the two accounts.

๐Ÿ‘‰ To add an additional email account to send from, click on the From sender box and select the account you wish to add.

Once configured, the emails will be sent out in rotation to the recipients, alternating between the chosen sender email accounts, respecting each account's daily sending limit.

Duplicate a campaign's content

To duplicate an entire campaign's content, go to Campaigns, and click on the email campaign you wish to duplicate. Once you're inside the campaign simply click on the arrow beside the campaign's title to open the dropdown menu and select Duplicate.

You will automatically be redirected to a new email campaign with the same duplicated email content, including any follow-ups you may have.

โ„น๏ธ By design, the audience will not be duplicated.

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