Plans Overview

A quick overview of all plans available in Hunter

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Each plan in Hunter offers a certain amount requests based on two different quotas

  • Search Credits: used for all the functionalities that find emails

  • Verification Credits: used to verify emails

Below is a full recap of how credits are counted for the functionalities we provide.

Free plan

βœ… When an account is created in Hunter, a Free plan is automatically assigned.

Within the Free plan, you can access and use all of Hunter's tools, except for the CSV export and the Bulk Domain Search features.

A Free plan includes:

  • 25 Search Credits p/month

  • 50 Verification Credits p/month

Paid plans

You can upgrade to a paid plan if you need additional Search credits, Verifications, and access to other benefits.

We offer three types of paid plans:

πŸ‘‰ If you can't find a plan that suits your needs among our standard offerings, please feel free to contact us for a custom subscription.

Yearly or monthly subscription terms

Our monthly and annual subscription terms differ in how credits are available, as well as in flexibility and pricing.

Our yearly plans come with a 30% discount due to the annual commitment, and all credits are immediately available for the entire year without resetting each month, as happens with our monthly plans. On the other hand, our monthly plans are very flexible, offer no commitment, and can be cancelled or paused at any time.

  • Yearly plans have a 12-month commitment and are billed only once at the beginning of the plan. They renew each year at the end of the billing cycle unless cancelled.

  • Monthly plans renew each month unless you cancel or pause the subscription before the beginning of the new billing cycle.

You can learn more about each billing term's benefit here: The difference between monthly and yearly plans.

Starter plan

A Starter plan includes:

  • 500 Search Credits p/month or 6,000 Search Credits p/year

  • 1,000 Verification Credits p/month or 12,000 Verification Credits p/year

  • 3 Email accounts in Campaigns

  • 2500 Recipients p/campaign

  • Overage credits at a unit price

It also allows to:

Growth plan

A Growth plan includes:

  • 5,000 Search Credits p/month or 60,000 Search Credits p/year

  • 10,000 Verification Credits p/month or 120,000 Verification Credits p/year

  • 10 Email accounts in Campaigns

  • 5,000 Recipients p/campaign

  • Overage credits at a unit price

It also allows to:

Business plan

A Business plan includes:

  • 50,000 Search Credits p/month or 600,000 Search Credits p/year

  • 100,000 Verification Credits p/month or 1.2M Verification Credits p/year

  • 20 Email accounts in Campaigns

  • 10,000 Recipients p/campaign

  • Overage credits at a unit price

It also allows to:

βž• You can connect additional email accounts for your Campaigns on all paid plans, at a unit price of +$10 p/month p/account, without having to upgrade to another plan.

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