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Frequently Asked Questions

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How is text formatted in Campaigns?More information on text formatting in Campaigns and best practices to compose a cold email
How many recipients can be added to an email campaign?Discover how many recipients you can include in an email campaign
When will my campaign emails be sent?Get insights into all your pending messages and when they will sent out
How can I personalize an email campaign using a custom attribute?
Can I verify my recipients' emails before sending them?
Can I send emails with Hunter?
How many email accounts can I connect to send emails?
Can I track link clicks in my campaigns?
Where can I edit the signature for the emails sent via Hunter?
Can I add a link to the images?Discover whether you can add links to images
How many follow-ups can I include in an Email Campaign?Learn how many follow-up emails you can add to your Campaigns and how to select the waiting period between each follow-up.
How many emails can I send per day?Discover how many emails you can send per day
Is it possible to run A/B tests in campaigns?Can I run an A/B test in Campaigns?
What are the possible email-sending status errors when connecting an Outlook/Gmail account in Campaigns?Discover the errors that can occur when your emails cannot be sent
How to warm up an email account before sending cold emails?Warm up an email account before sending cold emails
Can I connect email senders with an SMTP connection?Is it possible to connect email senders with an SMTP connection?
How to filter to see only campaigns created by me?Find out how to apply the right filter only to see your campaigns or the campaigns of a specific team member.
Why aren't my emails being opened? (Low open rate)How to address a low email open rate
Why is my bounce rate high?What are bounces and how to prevent them: a quick guide.
Adding Recipients to a CampaignHow to add leads to new and existing campaigns