Frequently Asked Questions
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How is text formatted in Campaigns?
How many recipients can be added to an email campaign?
When will my campaign emails be sent?
How can I personalize an email campaign using a dynamic attribute?
Can I verify my recipients' emails before sending them?
Can I send emails with Hunter?
How many email accounts can I connect to send emails?
Can I track link clicks in my campaigns?
Where can I edit the signature for the emails sent via Hunter?
Can I add a link to the images?
How many follow-ups can I include in an Email Campaign?
How many emails can I send per day?
Is it possible to run A/B tests in campaigns?
What are the possible email-sending status errors when connecting an Outlook/Gmail account in Campaigns?
How to warm up an email account before sending cold emails?
Can I connect email senders with an SMTP connection?